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Exploring Jamaica Part 2 – Smart Business Minds

Exploring Jamaica Part 2

I woke up the next morning around 8:30 due to the birds chirping. I got out of bed and went to get some breakfast. I found some eggs sausage and a bunch of fruit. I ate it and we got on with the day. We still had other people coming in so when everyone arrived we talked about the flight and caught up. Apparently, a few of the people got stopped by the Jamaican Border Patrol and their bus was searched. It took them to hours to get back on the road. A little later we heard people screaming outside. We went outside and to our surprise, there was a big smoke cloud less than a mile away from where we were staying. I went with some friends to see where it was coming from and to see if we could help. It was a bush fire and it had burned over 20 acres of within the ten minutes of starting. I went back to tell the news and we grabbed our passport in case the fire came closer. It grew but before it could get closer to us the fire department came and took out the big parts of the fire. they had to go back down for more water but the fire had become contained. It was late, we look at damage to the mountain over 100 acres were burned. I had been quite a day.

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